About Us

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About Us


CEI was formed in 1989 to assist business entities in getting their VAT back on expenses when traveling to Europe for business purposes.  We specialize in group reclaim and partner with planners/organizers, both internal and external, to offer this great value-added service.  As with all tax issues, the rules and processes to reclaim VAT are complex and there is only one opportunity to get it right.  

Our knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry.  We handle each case on a personalized basis and we are available to answer your questions promptly and accurately.  We supply the required country-specific documents to you and we also advise you and your suppliers on proper invoicing to ensure a successful reclaim. Each country has its own VAT legislation and rules.  It is our job to know and understand how those rules are interpreted.

There are no up front costs to you.  We are paid on a contingency basis, that is, only if the claim is successful.